At Quality Residential Construction we emphasize quality in everything we do. 
Even somewhat simple projects like siding are completed by paying attention to the smallest of details.
Siding & Windows
New Industry standards and regulations on a proper housing envelope are pushing the performance of today's materials to new heights- the trick is being able to implement the procedures!Proper flashing and taping of seams is critical to ensure long-term weather resistence and an efficient building!
We start first by using GreenGuard Raindrop building wrap.
Raindrop has built-in drainage channels to keep water out of and away from the wall.  It breathes to allow moisture vapor to escape while reisting air and water infiltration.  On your home's corners we install 18" wide building paper under the Raindrop as added protection. 

Starting at the bottom, we use a plastic batt instead of a wood strip.
The plastic is insect resistant and impervious to the effects of water, allowing water to drain away from your building. 
We use precision gauges to correctly set each course of Hardie-Plank lap siding.

At verticle joints we use a galvanized metal shingle to keep water out.
When you have made the decision to replace your home's siding and you want it done correctly, give us a call and let us handle the details.  Experience peace of mind by getting quality that only comes from hiring Quality Residential Construction. 
Siding,  done with proper tools, materials, and techniques.
Replacing pole barn door with metal siding.
Replacing severly dry-rotted siding