Custom designed and Fabricated glass-fiber reinforced Concrete Countertops, Furniture, and Solid Surfaces.

Q Concrete is our line of concrete products.  A unique, stunning alternative to common granite, tile or laminate counters- and countertops aren't the limit.  We also do bathtubs, shower surrounds, fireplaces, tiles, window sills, outdoor kitchens, tables... It will have your neighbors asking "That's concrete?"

Endless Possibilites. Limitless colors,  from earth tones to electric reds and blues,  enable you to match the look you want.  A myriad of surface textures,  from smooth to exposed aggregate; embedded geodes and metal pieces; your countertops will truly be unique!

Durability. Our techniques, special concrete mix, and sealants produce an incredibly strong surface that is highly crack and stain resistant
custom concrete surfaces
Coffee Table | We designed this table to evoke a balance between modern and rustic styles.  This table integrates clean white concrete and warm rustic barn timbers.   The barn timbers were repurposed from a 100 year old barn in the Willamette Valley in Oregon. At the center of the table is a shadow box with a Japanese Zen sand garden. The concrete in this piece is GFRC (glass fiber reinforced concrete); the 3" thick top is actually only an inch thick.  The table measures 24" x 48" x 20" high. 
Topography Sink | Inspired by the lush valleys around Oregon, a balance between natural and contemporary design is struck in this bathroom sink.  This sink features an integral backsplash and a 6 inch deep look that gives the whole top a great deal of mass unique to concrete. 
Wave Sink | A timeless design that strikes a balance between style and utility.  Our customer asked us to maximize the amount of usable counter space, so we designed a custom mold integrating the sink and the top.  The top measures 39" wide x 22" deep with a 4" front face and 4" integral backsplash. The sink is 5 1/2" deep.  The GFRC (glass fiber reinforced concrete) is colored with a custom shade derived from earth oxide pigments.  A slot drain completes the simple yet elegant design.   
DJ Architecture Reception Counter | We Designed this 10' long counter for Don Johnson of DJ Architecture in Albany, Oregon.  Don designed a new building for his architecture company and wanted a distinctive and unique reception counter.  The counter was just completed and installed in December 2010.  The counter is made of custom gray and black concrete in GFRC (glass fiber reinforced concrete). The piece is meant to convey a sense of mass, yet is only one inch thick due to the fabrication process.  The design has a compound contour, the top is 16 deep and the front face goes from 6" to a 16" drop at the corners.  3 pieces of starfire glass are embedded in the concrete and backlit with an LED light strip.  While the GFRC would have easily allowed us to make the counter one piece,  we chose to build three seperate pieces to accentuate the design.  The total weight is only 235 pounds.  The counter is already drawing a lot of attention and Don is very happy with the outcome.
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Riverview Family Eyecare | This custom transaction top was made for Riverview Family Eyecare In North Albany. The counter is made of white concrete in GFRC with a river of recycled glass and mirror. Both tops feature 4" drop edge. The main working surface is 30" deep and 9' 6"long.  The total weight for the both pieces is only 360 lbs.   Kelley and Stephanie Batey officially opened in January of 2011 and the countertop is drawing lots of positive comments from customers. 
Stay Tuned for new projects!
Vanity Top | This vanity was also done for DJ Architecture. Don wanted the countertop to float so it is spaced off both walls.  The green color was chosen to accent the floor tile.  we added some angles to the front and side faces to complete the design.  The finished sink and top are ADA compliant. 
End Table | We designed this concrete end table to be very modern with slean lines and an attractive shape.  The GFRC (glass fiber reinforced concrete) is a color we call sedona redand is derived from earth oxide pigments.  The design features 3 circles of white concrete with multicolored crushed glass, an integrated 4" black pot with plant and black steel legs complete the design. The table measures 23" high x 21" wide x 30" long.  The 2 1/2" thick top is actually only an inch thick due to the fabrication process. 
Memorial box | This concrete memorial box was designed as an urn for Robert J Lawson, who passed away in 2011.  Robert was 78 years old, and was born in Cheyenne Wyoming, having served in the Marines, seeing combat in Korea. Robert had a passion for the wild frontier, and loved to share stories of his time in the service.  This box was designed to reflect both the frontier spirit, and the strong military dedication he had.  The box is 12" wide x 12" high x 12" deep.  Inside the box is a false bottom of frosted glass, for the remains to sit under,  while the rest of the space was used for momentos and significant objects the family put in the box.